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Adorable Ava

Ava is a 1.5-year-old female berner who loves attention and being near her humans. She is up to date on all vetting and is being fostered in Marietta, GA. Ava’s a very happy and goofy puppy. She loves going in her kennel and her bed is her safe place. No matter how many times it might need to be washed, her bed must stay with her. Ava’s forever family MUST have at least one dog in the home who she can play with. She LOVES playing and having a dog around who is around her age or younger, who is playful and confident brings out Ava's carefree puppy nature. She relies on other dogs to help her in situations like going to the vet and getting into the car. Ava would also love to have her human home during the day.

Ava’s forever family must be patient, calm, kind, understanding, and love her unconditionally. She may have accidents inside of your home while she is learning a new routine. If you are anxious, she’ll be anxious. Ava, like any berner, can be very stubborn. Even though she loves to be walked, she’s prone to slamming on the breaks in the middle of a walk. She also doesn’t like pooping in the yard, but has no problem going while leashed. She is not at all aggressive, but is very strong and doesn’t like being held down at the vet.

Ava had a preventative gastropexy done when she was spayed. Ava’s had some health concerns in her young life. She has a history of UTIs and has very mild hip dysplasia. Her orthopedic has recommended that she be walked for 30 minutes every day. She must also be kept on the skinny side. Ava has thrived on a raw diet, and we would high encourage her forever family to keep her on a raw diet.

Like with all of our rescues, you must be willing to hire a trainer and/or attend training classes to help build a strong bond with Ava. You must also travel to Marietta, GA to pick her up. If you are interested in adopting Ava, please send us an email so we can give you a copy of our application in Word instead of a PDF!

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