Saturday Morning Coffee

We're hoping to do several smaller gatherings in the new year by zip code for folks to get to know one another. Details will be posted on social media as they are finalized. If YOU are interested in organizing one near you, contact CVBMDC Secretary to get a list of folks by zip code in your area.

Scentwork Workshop Saturday May 6

We are thrilled to announce the CVBMDC Scentwork Workshop which will take place from 10-3 on Saturday, May 6, 2023 at Alchemy Dog Training located at 545 Glover St, SE, Marietta, GA 30060.

With the hot summer on its way, now is an especially good time to engage in Scentwork with your dog. You can do it inside your house, you don't need a bunch of equipment, and it's a great way to entertain yourself and your pup when it's too hot to play outside! It's really fun to see your dog work and use their natural abilities to sniff things out. It's a sure fired easy way to bond with your canine companion!! Come give it a try!

Spots are limited to 12-15 so we are charging a participation fee for each dog of $15.00. Members get first dibs on working spots. Use paypal by sending as friends & family to or send a check to Will Steele, our treasurer, at 673 Colston Rd SW, Marietta GA 30064.

What do you need to bring? Make sure and have some amazingly tasty soft treats like cut up hot dogs, beef jerky, cheese, cut up chicken, defrosted BilJac - bring the best!! And, bring water in case it's hot. Of course, your dog will need a well fitted collar and leash.