Rescue Committee

If you need help with rehoming your Berner or know of a Berner in need of rescue in the Southeast. Please email Michelle Maendler at:

Foster and Forever Home Application

The application can be completed here:


CVBMDC rescue/re-home is limited to those dogs that are representative of the breed and clearly appear to be purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs. The primary objective of the rescue, re-home program is to provide a loving home and good living conditions for any Berner which is currently homeless, in a shelter, in an abusive situation or for Bernese Mountain Dog owners who are no longer able to keep their dog due changing life circumstances.


Please heed the invaluable advice that all breeds do not fit all life styles. Responsible pet ownership requires an honest and factual assessment of whether a specific breed is right for you. Not all breeds fit all lifestyles. If you have never owned a Berner, please visit and view their BMD Info Series to learn more about the breed. There you will find information on the breed history, breed versatility, health, geriatric care, grooming, and rescue.